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Upland understands the market for selling net leased investment properties and have the necessary contacts to put a property under contract in short order. Many brokers talk a good story but Upland closes deals. In the final analysis, that is what really matters.
Allan S.
Barclay, LLC.

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to oversee a number of real estate transactions that involved Upland. They have been very valuable in bringing transactions to our attention. They have always conducted themselves with a great deal of professionalism and provided service beyond what is standard practice in our industry. Realty Income has a nationwide real estate acquisition program. Real estate companies are constantly approaching us with opportunities for investment or offering their services. Through these contacts we have the opportunity to observe the level of professionalism and integrity of the people in our business. We consider Upland at the top of this group.
Executive Vice President
Portfolio Management Department

As a real estate developer, the need for financial sources is a must. Upland's professional approach, contacts, and work ethic have become invaluable to our company. Their ability to match investors with the right property on a national scope is unmatched. There is no doubt in my mind that their company will continue to grow and be a recognizable force within our industry.
Real Estate Developer

I am a newly-retired apartment owner from Fresno, CA. Last November I put one of my properties on the market, and I was lucky to get it under contract within a few weeks. I knew I wanted to do a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, but I didn’t expect to have to move so quickly to find a replacement property. I found Upland Real Estate Group’s website and was able to quickly review and analyze several hundred available management-free investment properties. I narrowed down the list to 3 properties I was interested in and then called the experts at Upland to discuss the pros and cons of these properties as they related to my investment criteria.

With the help of Upland, I was able to complete my 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange and currently am enjoying monthly income from my investment without any management headache. I would highly recommend working with Upland Real Estate Group to purchase a net-leased investment property.
Smith 1031 Exchange Buyer

I've had the privilege of working with Upland on many real estate transactions for several years now. Their strategy of marketing single tenant, net lease investment properties matched Campbell Properties investment criteria. Time and time again, Upland has proven that they have the expertise and the connections needed to produce a quality inventory of real estate investment products.
Net Lease Investor