Step 1 is the Investment Criteria Analysis. Upland’s experienced staff will discuss and record the important conditions of your investment needs in order to find properties that match all of your investment criteria.


Step 2 is the Investment Property Search. Using Upland’s extensive online database of properties, both staff and clients can search through thousands of potential investments. With helpful search tools and filters, even those unfamiliar with the site are able to quickly find many potential net lease properties.


Step 3 is the Property Evaluator. Our experienced sales team will review property details such as location, lease terms, and credit of tenant to ensure all essential information fits with individual investment criteria.


Step 4 is the Letter of Intent Navigator. During this phase, our net lease sales team will provide Letter of Intent forms and negotiate terms of the LOI.


Step 5 is the Lease Analyzer. Upland Real Estate Group will review the Lease Agreement, which may include review and discussion with Buyer’s legal counsel on specific lease language and other pertinent business terms. Lease will be reviewed by Buyer’s Attorney.


Step 6 is the Purchase Agreement Analysis. Upland Real Estate Group will review the Purchase Agreement for business terms to ensure it is consistent with the negotiated Letter of Intent. All legal terms will be reviewed and approved by Buyer’s Attorney.


Step 7 is the Due Diligence Tracker. Upland keeps track of many aspects of the sale through a checklist, as well as sends out due diligence items.


Step 8 is the Closing Facilitator. Upland Real Estate Group will coordinate with all parties involved to track critical dates to ensure a successful closing.